Baraka body cream , I have used about 4 jars of this cream to date . I first saw it and thought it was a normal body butter.  But when I was explained what it could do for pain, your skin, I was very sceptical . So I tried some on my very swollen and painful fingers and hands( I have OA) .
It was a strange feeling as the aches went away, and I was able to bend my fingers.
I actually call it the magic cream. I use it on all my swollen joints ( I have OA) in many joints , I also use it on my back , many years of nursing, and it works better than any prescribed medications.
I also use it on my body as a body cream, especially my elbows, knees, and feet, where the dry skin tends to be . Just before applying my fake tan. I can not recommend it enough , my mother and son also use it for painful joints , him after the gym her with the painful area around the metal plates in her legs.
I dont know what is in it or what magical ingredient, but it is my magic cream .
It's super amazing the cream, Fatima is a special lady and I am lucky she's my amazing friend and neighbour. Thank you.
I have had ongoing joints and nerves issues for sometimes. My GP has suggested to consider taking painkillers and other creams for short-term pain relief. However, it did not work very well for me. Since I started Applying a small amount of Baraka cream to my affected areas ( joints, thumbs, back, knees, and hands) up to 2 to 3 times a day,  i have noticed some pain relief within the first 2 days of using the cream, but it may take up to 2 weeks for the treatment to be fully effective. I advise anyone who has back, knees, hands, pain, or any part of the body to contact Baraka skin care. It’s effective in easing your ongoing pain.
I’m so happy with the cream 
It helps me a lot whenever I use it
I won’t feel pain again ❤️❤️
My name is Mrs Dunner Baraka Healthy Body Cream helped me to get rid of my knee pain and back pain.
I couldn't lift my feet properly to go up the stairs, but now the cream removed all my pain. I can go up and down the stairs easily. W
What a blessed and wonderful cream.
Samsa, I had a swollen and severe pain on my leg. Fatima used her cream twice on my leg. Everything is ok now.
Rushna, I had a knee and  foot pain after using baraka cream a few times. The pain went away.
After 3 minutes of use, you can notice the pain fading away.
the cream you gave me is an amazing pain killer I am using it often on different parts of my body it is really helping me also I use it on bruises that often appear on my leg the cream stopped the pain. And it heals.
Samsa as Baraka cream  helped me. I took one for my sister in law the cream is amazing, and it is stopping her pain.
My sister in law recommended it to her friend too.
What an amazing cream.
Souleymane from Guinea, I would like another cream 
You can use  the crefam for any pain in the body after a few minutes, or sometimes instantly, the pain is gone.
I am looking for a sponsor or business partner to put this product in the market.